Greenpeace investigation has identified the paymaster of global warming sceptics

Our Monthly Newsletter “Footprints” contains information on the state of our Planet and what we can do about it. Archive covers issues 1 to 12 between November ’06 and July ’07
and the second series starting in June 2008.

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……… 2009 Footprints:
Footprints #51 “Greenpeace investigation has identified the paymaster of global warming sceptics”

Footprints #50 “Have we reached Peak Everything?”

Footprints #49 “Three reports on the next probable stage of the financial crisis”


Footprints #47 “A conference without compassion: a guarantee of Mutually Assured Suicide”

Footprints #46 “An Open Letter To Congress From US Scientists On Climate Change And Recently Stolen Emails”

Footprints #45 “Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says Jim Hansen

Footprinte #44 “A plea for Copenhagen”

Footprinte #43 “Australia is the first country in the world to undertake a national assessment of the consequences of sea-level rise

Footprinte #42 “Oil and food are both now in jeopardy and with it much of what we love.”

Footprints #41 “Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower”

Footprints #40 “Water, food and the great melting”.

After a pause for reflection #36 and #37 on our current position, and #39 entitled “Start preparing now for the inevitable”.

March issue #32. and #33. #34 on methane and #35 on food.


What will climate change do to our planet?

Survey on sea-level-rise #29 in preparation for the Climate Action Summit

and my Report on the results of the survey in #30

and on the Canberra Summit Conference itself.

………. 2008 Footprints:
#13 (June), #14 (June), #15 (July), #16 (July), #17 (Aug)

in September #18, #19 and #20

in October #21, #22, #23, #24, and #25

in November #26 and #27, and in December #28.

Demonstration of Climate Change – Footprints #12
Graphs to illustrate how emissions are stacking up.

What would the world be like at 2°C – Footprints #12
Resl-life scenarios and new ‘reports’ from the future..

The end of cheap food – Footprints #12
Explanation of why food prices are soaring and will coninue to do so..

The Greenhouse Maffia – Footprints #12
How the major pollutors in Australia control government pollution policies.

Government duplicity – Footprints #12
Story of how state Labor governments have featherbedded the coal and steel industry.

The looming biofuel disaster – Footprints #12
As oil supplies dwindle biofuels will be supported at the expense of much-needed food..

Nuclear power on the loose – Footprints #12
Almost 100 nuclear power stations are being planned or constructed around the world.

The EU promises to reduce emissions by 20% – Footprints #12

Proof of the inevitabillity of 2°C – Footprints #11
References with the latest scientific evidence of global warming and climate change.

We are not alone – Footprints #10
Unprecedented number of environmental groups – the largest social movement in history.

First tipping point has arrived – Footprints #10
Surge in CO2 last 4 years is greater than would have come from human emissions alone.

Chaotic weather is with us now – Footprints #10
Europ had no winter and America froze. The trend began in 1976.

The failure of government – Footprints #10
Government is not heeding the demands of its citizens nor the advice of its scientists.

How many can the world support? – Footprints #10
Calculations show that a half-billion on the planet people living as we do is too many.

How close to irreversible damage? What can we do?- Footprints #9
We are comitted to an inevitable 1.5°C temperature rise from the pollution already in the atmosphere. To stop before reaching 2°C we have to cut emissions by 10% every year for the next decade. We suggest a personal carbon ration.

Killing the bees.- Footprints #9
Since last November US and some European beekeepers have lost 70% of their hives. Without bees there is no cross-pollination. We discuss possible causes.

No legislation anywhere gets near curbing clobal warming.- Footprints #9
The new Congress, the governements of the UK and Germany all assume that a reduction of 60% in the next 40 years or so will do the job. This is wishful thinking designed to so it wont disturb the voters. The evidence tells us we need to be very disturbed indeed.

Phasing out incandescent light globes – Footprints #9
Australia will insist that all lighting is by fluroscent globes. A significant, if smnall, change.

China is heating faster than anywhere else. – Footprints #9
The world’s largest coal consumer will overtake the US CO2 emission level by late 2007.

Please, we need your support – Footprints #8
Without regular monthly donations to allow us to emply staff we cannot continue.

Time Magazine, 28 years ago – Footprints #8
This story in the1989 issue could have been published today, but by now we are worse off.

As the air warms, it raises the heat in the oceans – Footprints #7
Warming of the upper 1500 metres of the Atlantic is turning the ocean dead.

Methane is bubbling from the Beaufort Sea – Footprints #7
Warm waters bring 10°C additional heat to the submerged permafrost sediment.

Nuclear power – Footprints #7
By the time enough have been built it will be too late to stop carbon sink reversal.

Dying seas – Footprints #7
Acidification from carbon intake is destroying world fisheries on which millions depend.

Rising sea levels – Footprints #7
Impact of sea level rise with and without collapse of Greenland and Antarctic glaciers..

Risks are unacceptable – Footprints #7
Quantifies the risk of passing an irreversable tipping point within the next five or ten years.

Relative CO2 emissions, 1980 and 2004 – Footprints #6
With a discussion of each countries’ output and progress – up and down!

Australia now has the largest footprint on the planet – Footprints #6

Climate change destroyed older civilisations – Footprints #6
The Tang culture in China and the Mayans in Central America may have been undermined by dramatic climate shifts caused by land clearing and CO2 emissions.

Global warming is being seriously underestimated – Footprints #6
Calculations of reserves of greenhouse gasses now flooding back into the atmosphere.

Lohachara Island in the Bay of Bengal is no more – Footprints #6
Unprecedented disappearance of island home to 10,000 people from sea rise.

What you can do at home – this Christmas – Footprints #5
The quick and easy way to stop climate change at home..

What you can do politically – Footprints #5
Write to one or more politicians every month.

Where has all the snow gone? – Footprints #5
By December 2006 it seemed that the European winter had been cancelled.

Consequences if we fail – Footprints #5
Massive sea-rise, billions of refugees, the end of suburbia in a world awash with guns.

What we need to do – NOW – Footprints #4
Preparing for a sustainable future requires a national strategy.

More carbon is being released every year – Footprints #4
Rate of increase in CO2-e emissions have risen by more than 2½ times since 1990s.

Permafrost is the most dangerous greenhouse source – Footprints #3
Recent evidence that temperature warming in Siberia is happening faster than anywhere else, and that vast amounts of methane are now burping into the air.

Australia’s climate is now permanently hotter and dryer – Footprints #3
Government scientific studies on inland droughts forest fires and CO2 release.

Aeroplane tax – Footprints #3
EU considering a carbon tax on aeroplane pollution that will make travel more expensive.

Climate canaries – Footprints #3
People are already becoming displaced refugees from global warming.

Glaciers are melting faster – Footprints #3
Greenland and Antarctic glaciers melting more quickly and catastrophically than thought.

Hard Choices in China – Footprints #2
The consequences for global warming when China’s people reach the US income level.

How much time do we have? – Footprints #2
As tipping points have been breached runaway global warming may be only ten years away.

Logging worse than cars – Footprints #2
Recently destruction of forests, mainly in South-East Asia and Amazon, are causing more greenhouse gas emissions than all the automobiles in the world.

Low cost of becoming sustainable – Footprints #2
If we act now we can all maintain our current standard of living and save the planet.

What value are Carbon Offsets? – Footprints #2
A nifty business-oriented solution that cannot solve global warming.

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