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How to Change to Green Energy

Every one of us CAN actually do something to help stop global warming. And it’s SO EASY. Here is a real-life account of how one person helped
Flick the Switch to Green – A Personal Account

Over 100,000 Australian households and businesses have already MADE A DIFFERENCE and chosen to switch to Green Energy sources, ie those sources which do not add to greenhouse gas emissions, such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass generated power. YOU CAN too. Here’s how to DO IT

Check out the types of green energy available in your area here:

Pick up the phone and call your Green Energy provider of choice. You can either switch immediately or arrange to receive a quote.

An example of HOW TO SWITCH TO GREEN ENERGY is given in this example for Energy Australia: How to switch to Green Energy - Energy Australia

Examples of HOW TO OBTAIN A QUOTE FOR GREEN ENERGY are given in this example for Origin Energy and TruEnergy:
How to Switch to Green Energy – Origin Energy
How to Switch to Green Energy – TruEnergy

NOW you are beginning - keep going!!!

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