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What is a Footprint?

Comparison of US and Australian ecological footprints with African. Every Australian puts 26.5 tons of CO2-e into the atmosphere every year, every American puts 23.6 tons and most Africans a lot less than 1 ton each.

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Dear Friends

If you have been wondering why the heat has gone off the heating, read this report from The Guardian, and calculate what the increasing level of the El Nino plus the end of the sunís eleven-year cycle is going to mean over the next few years.

The research promises that it will be getting much hotter, with consequential impacts on the ice caps, sea levels, refugees and heat waves.

If you buy air conditioning units you will use more electricity and just make the heating worse. Wow! Thatís a paradox, isnít it?

Activate this map of gradually changing global heat patterns between 1884 and today. There are natural fluctuations, especially a short slightly hotter period in the 1930s, and the big changes that started in 1980 and keep increasing every year.

Notice this heating has been concentrated in the northern hemisphere, where most of the ice-melt has been happening and where most of the methane lies buried.

John James

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