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What is a Footprint?

Comparison of US and Australian ecological footprints with African. Every Australian puts 26.5 tons of CO2-e into the atmosphere every year, every American puts 23.6 tons and most Africans a lot less than 1 ton each.

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Dear Friends

Read this first – most scientists who work on Global warming believe that it is too late to stop 2C and the best we can do is "damage control".

In this context reread my submission to the Howard and Rudd Governments on preparation, national security and the ethical questions. Nothing of substance has changed since I wrote this two years ago, except to get worse.

The following are all showing that our impact on the planet is affecting the food that we and animals eat. This is the beginning of a starvation-process will over the next decade or two become much much worse, threatening to cut a wide swathe into the population of all living beings on the planet, including ourselves.

Then read this report I sent out two Newsletters ago, to reinforce the areas likely to be in drought this year.

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